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First appearance: Crimson Empire I, part 1
Relations: Kanos, Kir
Events: Mirith Sinn Captured
The old tramp freighter which was used as a transport by Kir Kanos around 11 ABY. While the transport was quite unremarkable from the outside, it has Skipray Blastboat built into its frame, which could be deployed at the push of the button. Kanos arrived at Phaeda and left the transport at local spaceport, but later ship was impounded by authorities from local Imperial garrison and put under guard. Right before the battle over Phaeda the ship was hijacked by Mirith Sinn and Sadeet and they blasted their way from the surface and to join the battle above. They soon figured out that the transport in fact was just a camouflage for the Blastboat and released it from its shell. It is unknown if the transport was destroyed in process or did it actually survive when the Blastboat was set free.


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Escape from Myrkr | Battle over Phaeda | Duel in the Squall

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