6th Battle of Ruusan (4)
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First appearance: Jedi vs. Sith, part 3
Previous event: The Assassin's Fortress
Next event: Investigation on Ord Mantell (37BBY)
Relations: Ruusan
General Hoth's Army of Light took defensive positions in the forests of Ruusan. When the Sith's attack came, the Jedi were able to repel them with a relative ease. And soon they understood why - for reason unknown no Sith Lords had been present among the attackers - only several Sith acolytes and the bulk of simple army troopers. At the same time Darth Bane, along with most powerful members of Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness, joined their minds through ancient Sith meditation technique and unleashed the devastating blast of energy on both Army of Light and those Sith troopes who were able to survive the initial attack. Bane's world-crushing strategy almost worked, but Lord Kaan, fearing Bane's power, broke the meditation and chose to finish the Jedi with a direct attack. Angered, Bane left the Brotherhood, while Sith Lords mounted their speeder fliers and flew towards the remains of Army of Light. Even without Bane Sith's triumph seemed certain until the last-minute arrival of Lord Farfalla's Jedi Forces. They were able to breach previously impenetrable Sith orbital blockade because Darth Bane - who was following his secret agenda all the time - ordered Sith fleet to attack instead of keeping the blockade in place. The Sith Lords were forced to retreat and the battle was won by the Jedi.


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