A Droid Defiant (2)Full unit name: A Droid Defiant (GSI)
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First appearance: The Old Republic
Previous event: Buried in Time (GSI)
Next event: Shock Treatment (Tatooine)
Relations: Tatooine
Known Facts (1)
It was one of missions that was executed by Republic Operatives during the Cold War on Tatooine for GSI. GSI requested the retrieval or, if it wasn't possible, elimination of the rogue droid. They reported that their latest costly and powerful battle droid-prototype with proprietary GSI technology had been reprogrammed by a thief who planned to ship the droid offworld. GSI personnel was not able to find the droid, because the thief employed subsurface scramblers to keep the droid's location hidden. The task was to find and disable the scramblers across Anchorhead and then pinpoint the droid location. The operatives searched the city for the transmitters which worked with the scramblers and found all three of them, then disabled the scramblers using their seeker droid. With the scramblers disabled, they easily located unusually pink-colored GSI droid, who was hidden in the abandoned courtyard on the outskirts. The operatives did not have time to take the droid away - he attacked as soon as they got into his field of vision. After a short fight, the droid was destroyed, and the operatives returned to report on the completion of the mission.
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Full unit name: A Droid Defiant (GSI) Last updated: 25.07.2022 16:06:02