A Simple Task (3)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Relations: Dantooine


At some time during the reign of the Empire the group of individuals have been to tasked to investigate an abandoned Imperial base on Dantooine and retrieve any information on secret formula which was presumably being developed there before the base was abandoned. The team arrived on Dantoine and quicky located the base. During the initial recconnaissance it became clear that the base wasn't as abandoned as it was assumed - the patrols were clearly seen from the team's vantage point at the cliff edge. The team assessed the situation - while it will be more difficult than anticipated it still can be done - and decided to proceed.
The base was in poor state with dust covering almost everything. They quickly got rid of a squad of imperial stormtroopers and a group of Trandoshan mercenaries who assisted them and reached the locked door to the inner base. As soon as they sliced the lock on the door, another group of stormtroopers led by an officer arrived, quickly took cover and began firing. Infiltrators dealt with this new threat and reached huge locked hangar doors. When they managed to open it, they found themselves in a large receiving bay which was clearly disused for some time. Shelves of misscellaneous items were lined up throughout the area with a labels marking each item. Team quickly reviewed mission notes and found what they came for. But as soon as one of the infiltrators took the formula, flashing red lights filled the bay and a blaring alarm started to wail all over the facility. With the formula in hand, team turned toward the bay exit, but after they took a couple of steps the door snapped shut with a loud clang. They team once again sliced the doors and run out of the facility, dozens of stormtroopers poured out of the suppousedly abandoned facility after them. The team didn't stop for a second until they lost their pursuers in Dantooine wilderness. The mission was success and team delivered formula to those who tasked them with a mission.
As it became known later, the formula contained all the data on how to produce an advanced adrenal implant.

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Campaign Guide (SWI01)
A Simple Task : Dantooine - Imperial - Wastes
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It is unlikely that the picture itself represents a mission to Dantooine, but it is possible that it is somehow related to the initial mission briefing

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