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First appearance: Return of the Jedi


The Amanin (singular, Amani), sometimes called Amanaman, were a primitive race from the planet Maridun. Amanin stood two to three meters tall, and had bright yellow and green skin, arms long enough to reach the ground, and very short legs. They were found in the galaxy at large as mercenaries, heavy laborers and wilderness scouts. Amanin were a sentient planarian species. They were tall with wrinkled deep yellow skin at the front and a dark green rear hood that ran from the neck to their feet and tail. Their skin coloration helped them blend in with their forest and grassland environment as well as being a signal of the skin's poisonous nature. It secreted a poisonous slime that served to keep the skin moist as well as serving to deter predators on their homeworld. Due to the susceptibility of their skin to drying, the Amanin preferred to build their shelters in humid environments such as rain forests. While their walking speed was painfully slow, the Amanin's flexible body allowed them to curl themselves into a ball and roll at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour across flat terrain. In this form they could not perceive the world around them but were able to use the technique to hurtle past a target and uncoil to deliver an effective attack.


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Amanin Scout 0607 : Objective : The Droid's Task 1002 : Unit : Ephant Mon
SWM The Force Unleashed
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SWTCG : Cards
Amanin Scout
0607 : Objective : The Droid's Task
1002 : Unit : Ephant Mon
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IG-88B | IG-series Assassin Droid | Jabba the Hutt | Hutt | Gamorrean | Rodian | Jabba's Organization (Tatooine) | Tatooine

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Mon, Ephant | Chevin | Jabba's Organization (Tatooine)

Image portrays the deadly bounty hunter droid, IG-88, having a meet and greet in Jabba's Palace as it received a task

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