Aratech 64-Y Swift 3 Repulsor Sled (1)
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First appearance: Star Wars Miniatures Battles Companion
Relations: Aratech
Manufactured by Aratech Repulsor Company, the 64-Y Swift 3 Repulsorlift Sled was a fast and light repulsorlift sled built with the same "engine with a seat" design philosophy as the swoop bike. Measuring 4.1 meters, advanced engineering design principles removed the need for bulky directional vanes to assist in steering, allowing the single rider to sit in a more comfortable upright position, using handlebars and foot pedals. Capable of reaching speeds of eight hundred kilometers an hour with a maximum flight ceiling of twenty-five meters, the Swift 3 was able to out-race anything short of an airspeeder. The modular design of the Swift 3 allowed engineers to refit the sled to deal with varying mission profiles. The repulsor coils utilized by the Swift 3 were made of refined durelium, which was illegal for use in civilian vehicles.
The Swift 3 had a front-mounted Mk 2e/S medium blaster cannon, a single clamping hook launcher, and drop nets that were launched from a compartment on the underside of the sled. The Swift 3's rider would position the vehicle over a target, then drop the nets. The nets tangled around the target vehicle, giving off short pulses to disrupt the target vehicle's repulsor fields. The net drew energy from the repulsor field, causing the target vehicle to crash. The sled was also equipped with up-to-date scanning and communications jamming equipment, with a cargo capacity of four kilograms and a day's worth of consumables.


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