Aratech BARC Speeder (3)
Basic info
First appearance: Star Wars Republic 74 : Siege of Saleucami, part 1
Relations: Aratech
Events: Siege of Saleucami
The Biker Advanced Recon Commando (BARC) speeder was a powerful speeder bike model used by the Grand Army of the Republic as a reconnaissance craft during the Clone Wars. It was manufactured by Aratech Repulsor Company. Younger than the 74-Z speeder bike, it was actually more closely designed after the Ripper manufactured by Aratech's competitor, Mobquet. Originally designed for exclusive use by the Advanced Recon Commandos, the vehicle proved so effective that it came to be used by the rest of the army. They were powered by repulsors and a turbine engine mounted on the frontal prong. The speeder was controlled via twin steering vanes atop the bike, and pedals fitted below. Two blaster cannons protruded from the bottom of the forward prong, while two more were fixed on either side of the vehicle's rear. The speeders were capable of flying at high altitudes and were sometimes used as escorts for LAAT/i gunships carrying important passengers.


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Clone Trooper on BARC Speeder
Revenge of the Sith : Set III
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