Attempt on Jedi Negotiators (Malastare) (3)
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First appearance: Star Wars Republic 14 : Emissaries to Malastare, part 2
Relations: Malastare
Several months after the invasion of Naboo Lannik High Court requested Jedi assistance in their negotiations with terrorist organization Red Iaro, whose leader was claiming that he wanted to establish peace with the official planetary leaders. The negotiations were to take place on a neutral planet of Malastare. The Jedi Council has sent their representatives led by Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Even Piell.
Negotiations started, though it was clear to the Jedi that they would go nowhere - Red Iaro's demands were not unreasonable, but Lannik Prince refused to accept anything, and after his angry outburst, Windu called a recess in the talks. Hutar Zash and several other Lannik guardsmen offered to give the Jedi a lift to their quarters in the Governor's palace, and, hoping to use the opportunity to speak to Zash, Piell accepted. En route, Zash told Piell of matters on Lannik - since Prince had ascended to power, the old ways and traditions were dying, and the people were growing more and more unhappy with their new prince. Suddenly, Zash and his subordinates revealed that they had thermite charges strapped around their torsos - they hoped that their sacrifice, performed in front of many cam droids recording a podrace on concurrent with the peace talks, would help bring back the old ways on Lannik. Piell reacted extremely quickly, using his lightsaber to bisect the EasyRide passenger airspeeder, leaving himself, Gallia, and Windu on one side and the two Lannik on the other. Zash and his companion's explosives detonated, but the Jedi survived - however, they were plummeting toward the ground. They managed to grab a hold of a passing podracer. Eventually, Windu - whom Piell and Gallia were holding on to - lost his grip and fell, though the other airspeeder, piloted by Yaddle, was able to collect them. Presuming that Zug, Red Iaro leader, and Zash were in league with each other, the Jedi believed that Zug, with his plan to kill the Jedi a failure, would be desperate, and they concluded that he would attempt to assassinate the Prince.


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