Avenger Squadron (2)
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First appearance: Star Wars : X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter : Balance of Power (Video Game)
Avenger Squadron was an elite Imperial Starfleet starfighter unit led by E.C. "Easy" Nerwal. They were assigned to Task Force Vengeance on its quest to pacify the Airam sector. Unlike regular Imperial starfighter squadrons, Avenger Squadron was permitted to modify their TIE craft with advanced and expensive gadgets previously deployed only by Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin's experimental test units. This extra equipment included deflector shields, beam weapons—including jamming, tractor and decoy beams—and extra missile racks for increased warhead payload. However, except for the shields, those upgrades were only made available if and when the mission at hand called for a specific upgrade. Initially, the standard starfighters employed by Avenger Squadron were modified TIE/IN interceptors with deflector shields, but other craft were also available to them. Veterans of Avenger Squadron flew TIE Interceptors that were marked with double white vertical stripes on both lower wing panels, including the squadron commander's Interceptor—designated Avenger Leader—before receiving a TIE/ad starfighter—designated Avenger One—to lead the squadron with.


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Avenger Squadron Pilot | TIE Interceptor 0533 : Objective : Victory or Death
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Avenger Squadron Pilot | TIE Interceptor
0533 : Objective : Victory or Death
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TIE Interceptor | Imperial-class Star Destroyer

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Imperial-class Star Destroyer | TIE Interceptor | Coruscant

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