Axe (CP) (2)
Basic info

First appearance: The Clone Wars (TV Series)
Species/Type: Human (Clone)
Relations: Blue Squadron (Galactic Republic), GAR Clone Pilot


"Axe" was the nickname of a veteran clone trooper pilot who served in the Galactic Republic Navy. During the Clone Wars, the clone pilot served in Blue Squadron, a Republic starfighter unit attached to the Venator-class Star Destroyer Resolute, and was given the call sign "Blue Leader." However, Axe gave the title to Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano in 22 BBY when the two participated in the Battle of Ryloth, and then took the call sign of "Blue Two." In the engagement, Blue Squadron was tasked with destroying the Confederate Captain Mar Tuuk's blockade over the Twi'lek planet Ryloth. During the battle, Axe flew a V-19 Torrent Starfighter and was accompanied by fellow clone pilots Slammer, Kickback, Tucker and Swoop, while the squadron made its way toward Tuuk's command ship. However, numerous Confederate Vulture droids attacked Blue Squadron, causing heavy casualties. As the droids had also simultaneously attacked the Republic force's three Venator-class Star Destroyers the Resolute, Defender, and Redeemer Admiral Wullf Yularen and Skywalker ordered Tano and her men to retreat. However, as Blue Squadron made its way toward the Resolute's hangar, Axe was killed when his fighter was shot down by a Vulture droid.

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"Axe", Blue Two | V-19 Torrent Starfighter (Unique)
"Axe" | V-19 Torrent Squadron (Unique)
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V-19 Torrent Starfighter | Tano, Ahsoka | Jedi Order | Blue Squadron (Galactic Republic) | Delta-7B Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor

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V-19 Torrent Starfighter | GAR Clone Pilot

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