Balmorran Arms (6)Full unit name: Balmorran Arms
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Relations: Balmorra
Before Galactic Civil War the Balmorran Arms corporation was one of Balmorra
’s largest and most influential manufacturers of weapons, military equipment and droids for over a century. Its products cemented Balmorra’s reputation as a producer of high-quality technology, and shortly before the Imperial invasion, the company built a new factory headquarters - at the time, declared the most state-of-the-art arms production and research facility in the galaxy.
When Sith Empire invaded the planet, however, the Balmorran Arms Factory found a different purpose. The compound’s massive walls and production facilities became the core of the Balmorran resistance
Balmorran Resistance
Planetary and Sector
effort, giving Republic troops and Balmorran soldiers an impenetrable fortress with a nearly endless supply of resources and weaponry. In the years since, the factory was under constant siege, but has never fallen.
Three thousand years later, when reborn Palpatine aimed to conquer the galaxy once again, Balmorran Arms was responsible for manufacturing the SD-series battle droid and the X-1 Viper
X-1 Viper Automadon Droid


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Full unit name: Balmorran Arms Last updated: 24.10.2022 20:30:23