Battle of Khorm (5)
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First appearance: The Clone Wars 7 : In Service of the Republic, part 1
The Battle of Khorm took place in 22 BBY during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Hoping to obtain access to the deposits of the valuable agrocite mineral on the ice planet of Khorm for the Republic, the Galactic Senate dispatched a force under the command of three Jedi Generals - Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, and Tauht - to Khorm. However, by the time the Republic arrived there, the Confederacy had formed an alliance with the native Khormai Warlord Unger Gout, occupied the planet, and enslaved the local population to mine agrocite for them. The Confederacy additionally constructed a weather-control station that created a storm in Khorm's atmosphere, preventing the Republic from using air support but still enabling the fleet to land ground troops.
Soon, the Republic captured an agrocite processing facility and established an outpost there, forcing Gout to request reinforcements from the Confederate leader, Count Dooku. Asajj Ventress, Dooku's Dark Acolyte, was dispatched to assist Gout and arrived at Khorm. However, the Jedi realized that the storm was being created by the weather-control station, prompting Fisto, Koon, and a detachment of clone troopers to set off to destroy it. After the Jedi had left, Ventress and Gout initiated a counterattack at the processing facility and recaptured it. Ventress personally slew General Tauht - who had been left in charge of the base - and the Confederacy captured Major Kendal Ozzel, Clone Commander CC-3636, and several clone troopers. Ventress tracked and ambushed the remaining two Jedi and their team but was unable to kill them, as she was recalled back to the processing facility to recapture Ozzel and the clones, who had managed to escape from Separatist custody.
Ventress pursued the escapees to a Republic staging point and almost decimated all remaining Republic forces stationed there. However, after Koon and Fisto finally managed to destroy the weather-control station, Republic reinforcements arrived, and Ventress was forced to retreat to an agrocite mine, where the enslaved Khormai were being held. The Dark Acolyte then had the mine rigged with explosives with the intention of killing the Khormai if the Republic conquered the mine. Discovering this, the Jedi decided to free the hostages before initiating a full-scale attack and tried to signal Ozzel - who was tasked with leading the assault on the mine - to delay his advance. The Jedi were not able to contact the Major, as the Separatists were jamming all signals, and Ozzel began his attack while the hostages were still in Ventress's custody. During the ensuing fight, Gout revealed the powerful agrocite cannons that he had constructed. Fisto and Clone Captain Sharp were able to destroy them, however, and Koon prevented Ventress from demolishing the mine. The battle was won by the Republic, and the Khormai were liberated, but Ventress managed to escape.


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