Battle of Mon Cala (CW) (3)
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First appearance: The Clone Wars (TV Series)
Relations: Dac (Mon Calamari)


The Battle of Mon Cala, also known as the Second Battle of Mon Calamari, took place in 21 BBY (or 20 BBY) during the Clone Wars, when the Quarren, backed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, attempted to seize the planet Dac from the Mon Calamari people and the Galactic Republic. The Jedi Order intervened in the conflict, bringing reinforcements from the Grand Army of the Republic and the Gungan Grand Army. However, Separatist commander Riff Tamson proved to be a more formidable opponent than imagined and his quick thinking resulted in the capture of all Republic soldiers except Ahsoka Tano and Prince Lee-Char. However, the Quarren realized that Tamson and Count Dooku were plotting to take Dac only for themselves so they allied with the Republic and routed the Separatists, resulting in Tamson's death.

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Jedi Order

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Fisto, Kit
Tarpals, Roos
Hound (CP)

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Star Wars The Clone Wars The Complete Season Four (Blu Ray) Kit Fisto (Unique)
The Clone Wars Animated Series
Star Wars The Clone Wars The Complete Season Four (Blu Ray)
Kit Fisto (Unique)
"Hound", Vigilant Tracker | LAAT/i Gunship (Unique)
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Fisto, Kit | Nautolan | Jedi Order | GAR Clone SCUBA Trooper | LAAT | Dac (Mon Calamari)

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LAAT | Dac (Mon Calamari) | Hound (CP) | GAR Clone SCUBA Trooper

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Umbara Campaign (21BBY) | Mission to Aleen

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