Benex, Zotho
Basic info

First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Return to Hoth
Species/Type: Human
Events: IA - Defense of Haven, IA - Return to Echo Base, IA - Rescue Ops


Zotho Benex was a male human who led small village named Haven in a mountains of a planet Ison during the Galactic Civil War. After the Battle of Hoth some of the Rebels who fled from Hoth found refugee in the village. Benex organized the defense of the village and then commanded the villagers and Rebel refugees during the battle against Imperials. The village was successfully defended with a help from the group of Rebel operatives. He was later captured during the mission on Hoth, while he and his comrades tried to divert Imperial attention from Haven by attacking Imperial reinforcements convoy heading to Ison through Hoth system. He later was rescued from the captivity by the same operatives with a help of Princess Leia.
After the rescue his was brought back to his village on Ison, but Princess Leia was being concerned if Benex did reveal anything of value to his captors - and as it was later unfolded, her worries weren't unfounded, it became clear when Imperials had attacked the village soon thereafter. To ensure pardon for his village, Benex provided Sorin with all the information he has on Rebel Alliance, including access codes for nearby major Alliance outpost. It didn't work as it was expected by Benex who disappeared after the attack. His fate is unknown.

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