Biv Bodhrik (14)Full unit name: Bodhrik, Biv
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Basic info
First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Twin Shadows
Species: Human
Biv Bodhrik was a guerrilla fighter allied with the Rebel Alliance during the events of the Galactic Civil War. He joined the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War as a guerrilla fighter and eventually rose in the ranks, being driven by a thirst for vengeance for something that happened in his past relating to the Galactic Empire. Alongside Saska Teft were dispatched to Tatooine
to both investigate a growing Imperial presence on the planet and to find the freelance member Han Solo
Han Solo
Major Characters
, who had disappeared during his assignment in investigating the planet at Mos Eisley, as they were considered among the Rebel Alliance's best operatives. He was proficient in various weaponry, although his preferred weapon was heavy weaponry. He also can affix his weapons with a vibrobayonet, and was skilled enough in guerrilla warfare to overwhelm even the greatest servants of the Empire.


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Full unit name: Bodhrik, Biv Last updated: 29.10.2023 14:17:10