Bolt, Dud (3)
Basic info
First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Species/Type: Vulptereen
Events: Boontha Eve Classic (32BBY)
Dud Bolt was a Vulptereen male hit man and professional Podracer pilot during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. With a battered and scarred Vulptereen 327 Podracer at his disposal, Bolt maintained an aggressive on-course reputation. However, unbeknownst to most, the Vulptereen was employed as a mid-air bodyguard by the notorious Dug pilot and cheat Sebulba. A competent pilot nevertheless, Bolt scored various race records on the planets of Malastare, Gamorr, Mon Calamari and Sullust, and was even considered to be the crowd favorite for the Malastare 100 and a second Malastare based course. Bolt had also participated in the Boonta Eve Classic on the desert planet Tatooine at one point, and - alongside Sebulba - later returned to the event again during the year 32 BBY. Shortly before the race, Bolt aided Sebulba in sabotaging the Podracer of rival pilot Mars Guo. Despite Bolt's and Sebulba's attempts at cheating, neither pilot finished the Boonta, with Bolt colliding into the Nuknog pilot Ark Roose. By the 24 BBY Podracing season, the Glymphid Aldar Beedo replaced Bolt as Sebulba's bodyguard, with both pilots subsequently earning crosshairs on their heads from a vengeful Bolt. The Vulptereen's career continued through 22 BBY, at which point he had furthered his fame to the planet Utapau and made enemies out pilot Clegg Holdfast and the crew of Team Watto.
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