Bren, Tomax (1)
Basic info
First appearance: Imperial Sourcebook
Species/Type: Human
Tomax Bren was a Human male who served as the commanding officer of Scimitar assault wing, also known as the White Death, attached to the Qeimet fleet based in the Hook Nebula. Outside of his command duties, Bren was also a gifted engineer, designing both the unproduced TIE Bomber Mark 2 and the Scimitar assault bomber for Grand Admiral Thrawn. During the Thrawn campaign, Bren led his wing in their new craft in a variety of battles. A maverick commander and brash pilot, Bren was given free reign over his unit as a result of their high success rate. Following the death of Thrawn, Bren and his unit went into hiding.
Complete list
Tomax Bren | TIE Bomber (Unique)
Tomax Bren | TIE Bomber (Unique)
TIE Bomber
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