Can't Live With 'Em (4)Full unit name: Can't Live With 'Em (Tatooine)
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First appearance: The Old Republic
Relations: Tatooine
"Helping those bloodthirsty mongrels turns my stomach, but it's our only option!"
- Commander Trudo to the Republic operatives

It was one of missions that was executed by Republic Operatives during the Cold War on Tatooine. While they were at the Thorazan outpost, they were approached by the Commander of the Civil Militia, Lem Trudo. He asked them to help with a critical problem that, if left unresolved, threatens all of Tatooine's settlements, even Anchorhead. He explained that unlike the others, he thought that the Imperials were planning to stay and conquer the planet, once their excavations were complete, they would take over Anchorhead. He thought, however, that the operatives could help delay them, making sure they were too busy with the Sand People to notice Thorazan outpost. The operatives asked for an explanation of how the Imperials and the Sand People were related, and Trudo continued. He told them that between the Imperials and the outpost was territory called Motesta Oasis, controlled by one of the Sand People's tribes, and not just an ordinary one, but one of the most brutal, most vicious tribes on Tatooine. The tribe constantly attacked the Imperials, making it impossible for them to focus on attacking the settlements. To remove this obstacle, the Empire began to poison tribe's water sources, reducing the Sand People's numbers. Trudo said that the idea of helping these bloodthirsty mongrels was driving him mad, but that was their only option. He had some water cleanser, which should be enough to clean up the tainted wells of the Sand People, but he was sure they were unreasonable and would try to kill anyone who tried to enter their territory. The operatives, realizing that in the event of an attack by the Imperials, many innocent people would die, decided to help. They took water cleanser and went to the Dune Sea.
When the operatives reached Motesta Oasis, they decided against attacking the Sand People there - the tribe was already weakened by Imperial sabotage and killing more would only decrease their chances against Empire. Avoiding Sand People guards - bonebreakers, gatekeepers and brutes - they stealthly put the andidote into three water purifiers and left the camp. When they returned to the Thorazan outpost, Trudo was very pleased and told the operatives that according to his intel, the Sand People were already pushing Imperials back.
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Full unit name: Can't Live With 'Em (Tatooine) Last updated: 03.08.2022 12:49:03