Champala (1)Full unit name: Champala
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Birthplace of: Mas Amedda
Mas Amedda
Supporting Characters
Homeworld of: Chagrian
Sentient Species
Champala, also called "Chagria," was a planet in the Inner Rim and the homeworld of the Chagrian
Sentient Species
people. It was located on the Hydian Way between Nierport and Drearia. Most of its starports were high and dry on plateaus, but its cities were submerged at high tide. It was a popular resort world. It was considered a water world, though it possessed many small continents covered in jungles and rainforests, with the occasional high plateau. The tidal zones of Champala consisted of long, thin strips of land.
During the Galactic War many local Chagrian exploration teams were involved into dangerous business of studying lost sunken cities, there were cases when whole teams missing in the process.


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Full unit name: Champala Last updated: 13.11.2022 19:09:05