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First appearance: The Clone Wars (TV Series)


Christophsis was a crystalline world in the Outer Rim Territories' Savareen sector. Orbited by a single moon amongst the mineral-rich asteroids of the Christoph system, Christophsis was for a time a target for stray rocks because of its closeness to various asteroid belts, but the planet was refined by Tepasi nobles around 600 BBY, and later by the world's native Christophsian inhabitants, who originated as Humans from the Core. Christophsis was eventually protected from the asteroids and transformed into the center of a mining hub. By the time of the Clone Wars, the Christophsians ruled their homeworld in a mercantile oligarchy and had established Chaleydonia, also known as Crystal City, as their planet's capital. Various species also immigrated to the world, including Rodians, Kerkoidens, and lower-caste Humans who came to serve the Christophsians. All of the Christophsians' hard work was ultimately crippled when the Separatist-backed Retail Caucus conglomerate seized Christophsis in the first year of the Clone Wars, with the feared Admiral Trench blockading Christophsis and General Whorm Loathsom subjugating the Christophsian people. Although a Jedi-led battle group from the Grand Army of the Republic eventually liberated Christophsis, the costly Republic victory reduced several key cities to rubble. The Separatists later returned to the planet to mine for its crystals to fuel their new superweapon, the Devastation, a plot that was halted by Senator Padme Amidala and the Jedi Order. Eventually, with the establishment of the New Order, Christophsis became a reluctant member of the Galactic Empire, but ignored all of the following galactic governments.

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