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First appearance: Dawn of Defiance : Echoes of the Jedi
Clone shadow troopers were an elite cadre of clone troopers, devised by Director Armand Isard of Republic Intelligence during the Clone Wars. Since the numbers of the Advanced Recon Commandos were dwindling, Isard created the shadow troopers as a reconnaissance unit, who, with the benefit of greatly modified and expensive armor, could operate covertly and undercover. Using magseals installed in their armor, shadow troopers could attach plates to themselves that could pass them off as mercenaries belonging to certain factions. With that advantage, they could infiltrate facilities and gather intelligence with ease.
During the late stages of the war, the role of the shadow trooper expanded, with some performing sniper duties, while others would be used on the battlefield. Though their jamming systems would prevent them from working alongside standard troopers, shadow troopers were occasionally dispatched before large-scale invasions to install jamming devices in key cities, which would allow their comrades to infiltrate their targets with stealth and efficiency. Shadow troopers saw later use in the Galactic Empire as guards to both facilities and individuals. In particular, Inquisitor Valin Draco enlisted a group of the troopers for his expedition to the Almas Academy. The shadow troopers would later become the model on which storm commandos and shadow stormtroopers were based.


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