Conquest (Imperial-class Star Destroyer) (1)
Basic info
First appearance: A New Hope
Species/Type: Imperial-class Star Destroyer
Events: Escape from Mos Eisley
The Conquest was an early model Imperial I-class Star Destroyer under the command of Captain Alima. The ships's first known assignment was to Ithor, where it hunted smugglers and was involved in the extortion of agricultural secrets from the Ithorian High Priest Momaw Nadon. In the wake of the Rebel theft of the Death Star plans Conquest was reassigned to Tatooine. It was one of the Star Destroyers that pursued the Millennium Falcon from the planet. Later, it was part of Darth Vader's Death Squadron permanent composition.
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Imperial Star Destroyer (V.STA3)
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Imperial Star Destroyer (V.STA3)
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