Airen Cracken (3)
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First appearance: Return of the Jedi
Species: Human
Relations: Rebel Alliance Officer
Events: Battle over Endor, Meeting of Provisional Council (5ABY)
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Battle over Endor (1)
Airen Cracken was a Human male resistance fighter from Contruum who became a general in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the New Republic. Airen Cracken was born on the farming world of Contruum and worked on his parents' farm in his childhood. He possessed a natural affinity for machinery; his parents noticed this and allowed him to tinker with the farm's equipment. In time, nearby farmers began to frequently ask Cracken to repair their machinery. Cracken, who was happy to continue learning, lent his help willingly, and he acquired a growing reputation as a master mechanic. People soon began paying Cracken for his efforts; he initially found this arrangement uncomfortable, feeling that his love of his work made being paid for it akin to theft, but he ultimately accepted such payments because he wanted his skills to become his trade. By the time he became a young man, Cracken had opened a mechanic's shop of his own in Torian City. He handled all manner of machinery, including landspeeders, water purifiers, and holovids, and hired men and women who loved working with machinery as much as he did. Cracken's shop assumed an almost-mystical quality; his customers viewed him as a master wizard, and his employees as his apprentices. Cracken married Josta, a woman from the Corellian sector who came to Contruum under accidental circumstances. Josta gave birth to two children, and Cracken's family lived in contentment for many years.
During the Galactic Civil War general Cracken developed an informal network of pirates, smugglers and shipjackers who would attack the Imperial supply convoys on behalf of the Alliance, and get paid for their trouble. This tactic was vital for the Alliance with next to no finances to back its operations, particularly in its early days.


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