Cygnus Spaceworks
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First appearance: Star Wars : X-Wing (Video Game)
Cygnus Spaceworks was a manufacturer of small craft, such as shuttles and starfighters, primarily of a military nature. Approximately half of Cygnus' designs were merely modifications and upgrades to previously existing craft. During the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, a prototype of Cygnus Spaceworks' new luxury personnel shuttle crash-landed on the swamp planet Dagobah during a test run. Shortly after the end of the Clone Wars, Sienar Fleet Systems lured away the design team that produced the Theta-class shuttle. Cygnus remained closely linked to Sienar after this, producing the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle and several Lambda derivatives under contract and a number of original designs in cooperation. After years of producing craft for the Galactic Republic, Cygnus quickly became loyal to the Galactic Empire. Cygnus Spaceworks remained loyal to the Empire even after the rise of the New Republic, although many of the shuttles jointly produced by Cygnus Spaceworks and Sienar Fleet Systems fell into the New Republic's hands.


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