DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid (2)
Basic info
First appearance: Attack of the Clones
Relations: Baktoid Armor Workshop
Events: Battle of Geonosis, Siege of Saleucami
The DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid, was a battle droid manufactured by the Commerce Guild to support the cause of the Separatists. The DSD1 was similar in function to a typical combat vehicle. It was also used to punish customers who had declined to pay their taxes to the Commerce Guild. Its main weapon was a long central blaster cannon mounted on its dome that was capable of firing either rapid anti-personnel rounds, or slower high-intensity blasts that could destroy light vehicles. The droid's small frame and four all-terrain legs made it suitable for warfare in extreme environments or environments with lots of verticality such as mines. Its legs were even allowed the droid to walk straight up and down things like walls and narrow cliffsides. The DSD1's adjustable legs also allowed it to attain better elevation for its central blaster cannon. However, because of the fixed laser cannon, it could not turn around to track enemies, thus making it exceptionally susceptible to speedy targets. The droid communicated in a beeping language similar to Binary. It seemed to have basic emotions, such as frustration, as demonstrated on Escarte and Teth. Dwarf Spider Droids were notorious for refusing to perform any action they predicted would harm them.


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Dwarf Spider Droid Techno Union Starship (V.TEC2)
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Dwarf Spider Droid
Techno Union Starship (V.TEC2)
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Battle of Geonosis
Battle of Geonosis

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