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First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Relations: Serv-O-Droid, Inc.
A DUM-series pit droid, or simply called a pit droid, was a droid manufactured by Serv-O-Droid, Inc. and constructed in large quantities on Cyrillia by the native Cyrillians for use in labor, repair and light construction. They were also associated with repairing podracers at podracing events. Pit droids stood at a relatively diminutive 1.19 meters tall and came in many different colors. Their most remarkable feature was their immense strength, able to carry objects many times their own size or weight. This enabled them to repair automata such as Podracers at a remarkable pace. Their skeletal design and long, thin limbs were dwarfed by their broad-flared, dome-shaped heads. In the center of their head was a large, round photoreceptor equipped with multi-spectrum scanners. The photoreceptor could detect microscopic damage in metals and other solids. The DUM-series worked best in large groups, and had built-in comm systems that allowed them to communicate with those in their unit. The antenna on their disk shaped heads served to transmit directions to other droids, allowing a group of droids to collaborate on a project more efficiently and thereby expediting its completion. Their immense strength would make a malfunctioning (or unattended) unit extremely hazardous, possibly resulting in significant damage. The most hazardous of these was a damaged ON/OFF button, the risk of which caused many owners to keep ion blaster on hand as a precautionary measure. If a unit was past the brink of repair they would need to be disposed of, almost always resulting in the disintegration of the unfortunate droid. Pit droids could compress themselves into a compact, box-shaped package. A tap on their photorecepter would signal them to return to their upright position, and vice-versa. There were also launchers specifically made to automatically decompress and release individual pit droids, one at a time.


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