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First appearance: A New Hope
A New Hope
Relations: Death Star
Death Star
Space Stations
, Death Star 2
Death Star 2
Space Stations
Imperial gunners/engineers were members of the Imperial Navy's Starfighter Corps (acting as a special sub-unit of the corps) who manned the various weapons and engine rooms of the Empire's capital ships, military bases, and both Death Stars. Imperial gunners were recruits from the Imperial Navy's piloting program that were either still in training or washed out. Even though they did not make it into becoming pilots, Imperial gunners nonetheless possessed keen eyes, superior reflexes, and a rapport with specialized equipment, and as such they were tasked to use their skills with weapons to handle the powerful turbolasers and ion cannons of Imperial vessels, such as Star Destroyers and World Devastators
World Devastator
Starship Models
. They were trained in repairing and handling engine equipment, light laser cannons, light, medium and heavy turbolasers, as well as ion cannons, missile launchers and tractor beams. As such, their duties included tracking targets during combat, firing at targets, reloading ammunition, and preventing overloads in the weapons systems.
On both Death Stars, the gunners, often called Death Star gunners, had the additional job of maintaining a careful balance of energy in the battle station's superlaser, avoiding the risk of either an overload of the titanic energies or otherwise it phase imbalances that would result huge internal explosions. Such a job was relegated to those gunners who were of both the highest-rank and the best-trained of their peers. The gunners were trained as a group, and also spent months calibrating weapons and running through countless scenario engagements with battle plans devised by Tarkin
Wilhuff Tarkin
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's staff as well as simulated fleet battles against the Rebels in the thousands. As a consequence of the drills, alongside their computer-linked helmets, the gunners could aim, power-up, and fire the superlaser with synchronized precision. Aside from their role of manning various onboard weaponry for various vessels, they have also been trained with activating non-offensive systems such as cloaking device and when deployed on the ground - they would be attached to provide support for other regiments.


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Full unit name: Death Star Gunner Last updated: 10.02.2024 20:53:45