Bren Derlin (3)
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First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Species: Human
Relations: Rebel Alliance Special Forces, Endor Strike Team, Rebel Alliance Officer
Events: Battle of Hoth, Arrival at Endor (ROTJ), Battle of Endor
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Battle of Hoth (1)
Arrival at Endor (ROTJ) (2)
Battle of Endor (1)
Bren Derlin was a male Human officer of the Rebel Alliance. He joined the Alliance military after his father, anti-Imperial Senator Galen Derlin, was assassinated by agents of the Galactic Emperor. Showing his talent, Bren Derlin became a captain and served during the Battle of Ralltiir. His heroic actions saving lives during the Evacuation of Nentan merited him a new promotion, and Major Derlin served both in Alliance Intelligence and as the operations and security chief at the Alliance headquarters on the planet Hoth, Echo Base, under the command of General Carlist Rieekan. Derlin, in this post, gave the hardest orders in his life by closing the base door risking the lives of two valuable Rebels whom he himself considered his friends, to avoid putting the whole base in risk. Soon after this event, Derlin served during the Battle of Hoth.
A year later, Alliance General Han Solo asked Major Derlin to gather a commando team of Hoth veterans for a dangerous, yet vital, raid on an Imperial bunker on Endor. This would give the Alliance fleet a chance to fight the Empire during the Battle over Endor. Derlin was the planet-level unit leader during the operation and, while his team was captured, they made use of a diversion to obtain a victory. During the years of the New Republic, Derlin worked with New Republic Intelligence, opposing crime lord Torel Vorne on Reuss VI. Derlin was then promoted to colonel and, during the Thrawn campaign, managed a difficult operation to mislead the forces of the Empire - while Admiral Ackbar and General Crix Madine staged a raid to the well-protected Bilbringi, Derlin moved starships to pretend that the New Republic was really targeting Tangrene. Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn was not fooled by this maneuver. Derlin became a Brigadier and then retired from active services. By 16 ABY, Derlin was the commander of the Alliance Veteran's Victory Association, a retiree's club that hoped to become active in reserve.


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Rebel Alliance Officer
Rebel Alliance Officer
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Rebel Alliance Special Forces | Endor | Tydirium | Lambda-class Shuttle | Endor Strike Team

Battle of Hoth
Battle of Hoth
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Arrival at Endor (ROTJ) | Endor Campaign

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