Desert Strike (9)Full unit name: Desert Strike (Tatooine)
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First appearance: The Old Republic
Relations: Tatooine
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"There's nothing wrong with seeking exotic adventure! Just, not this much."
- Tai'ya Rocca to the Republic operatives

It was one of missions that was executed by Republic Operatives during the Cold War on Tatooine. While they were at the Thorazan outpost, they were approached by Duro named Tai'ya Rocca, who introduced himself as a representative to the Republic. He explained that he and his fellow ambassadors were touring the dunes, when we were ambushed by an uncouth warlord. When operatives asked why Rocca and his colleagues didn't bring guards with them, Rocca replied that they had only guides because the guards were very expensive for them. The operatives asked if Rocca was the only one who survived, he countered that the warlord captured everyone in the ambassadorial party - not for ransom, but as slaves. He indicated the direction in which the caravan was heading and asked the operatives to go ahead of the warlord and his people in order to prepare an ambush and rescue the prisoners. The operatives agreed to help and headed to the desert.
The operatives found the slavers' caravan in Stillsand Waves region and attacked. Despite being outnumbered, they quickly dealt with slavers and their droids and freed the ambassadors. When they all returned to Thorazan, Rocca thanked the operatives profoundly.
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Full unit name: Desert Strike (Tatooine) Last updated: 03.08.2022 15:31:48