Dofine, Daultay (1)
Basic info
First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Species/Type: Neimodian
Events: Ambassadors to Naboo
Daultay Dofine was the Neimoidian captain of the Trade Federation Lucrehulk-class battleship Saak'ak during the blockade and invasion of Naboo. Born to an influential family, Dofine quickly rose through the ranks of the Federation, using a combination of backstabbing and family ties. He made a reputation for himself in the Outer Rim Territories as a harasser of traders and a hunter of pirates. By 33 BBY, he was the commander of the Federation cruiser Revenue. While at Dorvalla, the Revenue was lost in an altercation with the Nebula Front terrorist group, and Dofine then found himself in command of the Acquisitor. He made his way into Viceroy Nute Gunray's inner circle, and he was made privy to Gunray's communications with the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. Dofine later came to captain the Saak'ak, and then the Droid Control Ship Vuutun Palaa during the Federation's occupation of Naboo. He perished when the Droid Control Ship was destroyed in a battle with the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps.
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