Dragon's Tail (13)Full unit name: Dragon's Tail
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First appearance: The Old Republic
Previous event: Black Box (Tatooine)
Next event: Prison Labor (Tatooine)
Relations: Tatooine
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The mission code-named "Dragon's Tail" was one of the missions undertaken on Tatooine by Imperial Intelligence agent Cipher Nine to dismantle the Ghost cell terrorists during the Cold War. After Cipher Nine defeated Ghost cell hit squad at the abandoned wind farms warehouse, Mia Hawkins, the former Ghost cell member, finally tracked their supplier, who turned out to be Milosh Varta, local Exchange boss. Cipher met with Hawkins at storage shack at the Mos Anek trade outpost, where she revealed the location of Varta's small estate nearby. She assumed that Varta was getting supplies at Mos Ila and shipping them to the Ghost cell's village. Cipher secretly went to the location, indicated by Hawkins, avoiding Exchange guard patrols. When the agent reached the estate, Milosh was not there, and the agent was met by Milos' wife, Isbet. Suspcious at first, soon she came to believe that the agent was actually an old friend of Milos. She invited the agent to have lunch together while waiting for Milosh to return. When Varta returned and realized who the agent was, he became angry with his wife, but the agent convinced him that it was in his best interests to cooperate. The agent offered Empire's protection in exchange for the information on where they could find the Ghost cell. Varta agreed to the agent's terms, well aware that the alternative would be death for him and his wife. He said that he had their supplies and his men would bring the crates to a drop point in the canyons, from where cell members would use speeders to deliver the crates by themselves. The agent warned Varta that if he lied he would die and left. When the returned to the storage shack, he found that Mia Hawkins was gone but she left holomessage. In the message she explained that she understood she would be dead or imprisoned as soon as her usefulness came to an end. She said that she sent all the information she had to the Intelligence. The agent started to plan the final assault.
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Full unit name: Dragon's Tail Last updated: 03.07.2022 22:10:42