Dragonsnake (2)Full unit name: Dragonsnake (Creature)
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Basic info
First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Native to: Dagobah
Dragonsnakes were long ferocious creatures native to the swamps of Nal Hutta and Dagobah. Dragonsnakes were well armored with razor fins, and had rows of sharp fangs in their mouths. They used their wide tails to propel them through their watery habitat; their long arms were mostly used for digging or grasping. In mass, they could be up to 50,000 kilograms. The dragonsnake was a patient predator, usually lying in wait under the water until its prey wandered too close to the water's edge. Lashing out with fins and fangs, the dragonsnake would drag its victim underwater, coiled in its body, until it drowned. Only a few fellow Dagobah creatures posed a threat to dragonsnakes as their scales were durable enough to withstand most melee and vibroweapons and even small arms fire. Dragonsnakes were known to fight the monstrous swamp slugs of Dagobah. Even if devoured by the giant beasts, dragonsnakes could gnaw through the swamp slug's stomach and burst out of its belly. Dragonsnakes rarely mated more often than once every ten standard years, with females laying one to six eggs. These were buried and abandoned, usually resulting in consumption by predators. Hatchlings achieved full size within months and were adults. A breed of dragonsnake that resided on Nal Hutta differed greatly in its physiology, notably lacking arms and long external ears. Their body was covered in bioluminescent nodules, giving them a similar appearance to the Colo claw fish of Naboo.


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Full unit name: Dragonsnake (Creature) Last updated: 23.08.2022 19:23:48