Durga the Hutt (1)
Basic info
First appearance: Darksaber
Species: Hutt
Relations: Black Sun
Durga Besadii Tai, self-styled His Great Obesity, the Lord Durga, was a Hutt and the successor of Aruk as head of the Besadii kajidic. Durga served as a vigo in the criminal organization Black Sun for a time, but after the death of the Underlord Xizor, he set out on his own. The ambitious Hutt created a plot to bring down the New Republic, using a superweapon called the Darksaber, a scaled-down version of the Death Star battlestation. However, his plan failed, thanks to the incompetence of his workers, the Taurill, and the efforts of New Republic General Crix Madine. The Darksaber was destroyed and Durga was killed, ending his short-lived rebellion.


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