Juno Eclipse (5)
Basic info
First appearance: The Force Unleashed (Video Game)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Relations: Black Eight Squadron, Imperial Fighter Pilot, Rebel Alliance Officer
Events: Departing for a Hunt (TFU), Battle of the TIE Fighter Construction Facility (TFU), Hunt for Kazdan Paratus (TFU), Hunt for Shaak Ti (TFU), Skirmish on Cloud City (TFU), Mission to Kashyyyk (TFU), Destruction of Raxus Prime Shipyards (TFU)
Juno Eclipse was a Human female officer in the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, having defected from the Galactic Empire after she was accused of treason. Born on the Core World Corulag around the end of the Clone Wars, she was the daughter of a civilian engineer and a teacher. Eclipse enlisted in the Imperial Military after her mother's death, hoping to earn the respect of her father who was a staunch supporter of Emperor Palpatine and the New Order. She was first enrolled as the youngest cadet at the Corulag Academy before leaving her homeworld to embark on a career in the Imperial Navy. Rising to the rank of Captain, her skills in the cockpit attracted the attention of the Sith Lord Darth Vader, who promoted Eclipse to lead his Black Eight Squadron. Though an exceptional TIE pilot, she openly questioned Vader's methods, which resulted in the massacre of Callos and Eclipse's subsequent reassignment.


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