Encounter on Phorliss (3)
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First appearance: Mara Jade : By the Emperor's Hand
Previous event: Capture and Escape (Mara Jade)
Next event: Attack on Firith Olan's Hideout (Tatooine)
Known Facts (1)
After an escape from Imperial Intelligence custody on Coruscant, Mara Jade Skywalker, found a passage to the backwater world of Phorliss. She intended to lay low for the time being until she could raise enough funds to relocate. To better blend into her temporary surroundings, she found work as a waitress at a local cantina owned by Gorb Drig. For several weeks she worked for Drig under the alias Chiara Lorn, until members of Black Nebula arrived to collect a debt owed by Drig. Jade could not believe her luck in discovering that Black Nebula had a presence on Phorliss - not wanting Drig to be harmed, Jade did her best to fight the more numerous gang members. She managed to obtain her lightsaber and quickly kill the remaining Nebula members, though not before they killed Drig and Jorshmin, a patron whom Jade had befriended. Jade set out to find the Black Nebula base on Phorliss, and discovered that the real Dequc was based on Qiaxx.


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