Evacuation of Brentaal IV (4ABY) (6)
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First appearance: Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron : In the Empire's Service
Happened during: Brentaal Campaign (4ABY)
Relations: Brentaal IV
On Coruscant, news of Oradin's fall reached Pestage and the Cabal. Having isolated them from each other, Isard took full advantage of the situation, driving a deeper wedge between the two parties. Isard ordered an armada of two hundred five vessels to launch from Coruscant and head to Brentaal IV with the express intention of evacuating the wealthier civilian population. The New Republic task force had set up its headquarters in Oradin and monitored the arrival of the fleet. Fearful that the evacuation would also mean the removal of the planet's wealth and cultural artifacts the New Republic Provisional Council decided to forcibly stop the evacuation. It was hoped that the wealthy elite would then buy their freedom with allegiance to the New Republic. Rogue Squadron was ordered to provide cover for Aggressor Wing - which was tasked with disabled fleeing vessels using their ion cannons - and covering assault transports that would be taking advantage of the confusion to capture the city of Vuultin. Rogue Squadron swept into Vuultin, engaging the city's static defenses and TIE fighters. During the opening engagement, Rogue pilot Standro Jcir's fighter was clipped by anti-air fire. Out of control, Jcir's fighter hit the defense tower that had winged him, destroying it and killing the Rodian in the process. Colonel Salm and his Y-wings then began their attack runs on the city's spaceport, with the intention of chasing after fleeing ships. Baron Fel - aware of Director Isard's ambitions toward the Imperial throne, and angry at her manipulations that had endangered his pilots - led his unit against Rogue Squadron despite knowing that the chances of any Imperial victory were slim. Despite this, Fel valued honor and duty above all else, and followed his orders, engaging Republic forces.
As the New Republic's starfighters and assault transports hit Vuultin, Dendo's team, including Janson and Ibtisam, attacked their targeted construction droid. Using explosive charges, the team destroyed the massive automaton, escaping the blast zone aboard personnel skiffs. As the Republic assault on the city continued, Isard contacted Admiral Isoto, commanding him to order an immediate evacuation of Brentaal IV. She informed him that the events on Brentaal IV had unfolded according to her design, as part of an elaborate trap to destroy the Republic forces. Isold told Isoto that he had played his part in her scheme, and that an evacuation order from him would spring the trap. Isoto complied with her order, ordering all Imperial military personnel and civilians to leave the planet. As he was inquiring whether or not he should return to Coruscant, he was assassinated by his concubine, Grania, who was a deep cover agent for Isard. The Director instructed her agent to make Isoto's death appear to be a suicide, and to allow herself to be captured. Isard wanted Grania to be taken in by the New Republic, as she was the key to Project Ambition, a plan devised by the Director to neutralize Pestage and the Cabal and allow her to take control of the Empire. With Isoto's evacuation order given, every ship on the planet was given immediate clearance for vertical take-off, taking the engagement into orbit of Brentaal IV. As Aggressor Wing continued its attack runs, Rogue Squadron provided cover against the 181st's interceptors. Rogue pilot Dar Keyis was killed early in the orbital fight, and the squadron's executive officer, Tycho Celchu, dueled with his opposite number, Major Phennir. Fel realized that, despite his squadron's constant attacks, the Y-wings were remaining on the assigned mission. He reasoned that it was due to their leadership, and targeted Colonel Salm's fighter with the hope that the Y-wing formations would fall apart without their commander. Lining up, Fel engaged Salm; as he fired at the Colonel's Y-wing, his interceptor was clipped by fire from Captain Antilles' X-wing, throwing the shot off. Salm's Y-wing lost its port engine and was crippled, but Salm remained alive. Fel engaged Antilles, but realized that the mission - protecting Imperial citizens - came first, and ordered Phennir to disengage from the battle and lead the 181st to the Eviscerator to withdraw from the system. Fel and Antilles dueled briefly, but the engagement ended when Antilles drew Fel toward Salm's damaged Y-wing. Hiding the other fighter from view with his own X-wing, Antilles broke hard during the engagement, revealing Fel's interceptor to Salm. Using his ion cannons, Salm disabled the Imperial's interceptor. Imperial forces withdrew from the system, leaving the New Republic in control.


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