Falumpaset (2)Full unit name: Falumpaset (Creature)
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Basic info
First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Native to: Naboo, Onderon
Events: Theed Celebration
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Theed Celebration (1)
The falumpaset was a large mammal native to the planet Naboo. They roamed the plains, forests and swamps of the planet (their long, stilt-like legs being excellent for wading) in large herds (as well as in family groups containing one adult bull and four to seven adult cows and their young), and their distinctive bellowing calls could be heard for kilometers around. Easily domesticated, falumpasets were popular mounts all over the galaxy. They were, however, known for their stubborn and uncooperative temperament. Wild falumpaset had long shaggy fetlocks to protect against nipping nyorks, etc. They were excellent swimmers. A breed of falumpaset was also native to the jungle world of Onderon. They were gray in color and had dark strips across their back. Bigger enemies included sando aqua monsters breaching the surface of the swamps from the abyssal ocean beneath. The terazod, the falumpaset, and the fambaa represented three different within the Gungan Swamps: they were three planet-eaters that existed in the same territory but had different feeding strategies. In the case of the falumpaset, when feeding underwater, it could only reach midlevel crustaceans and plants.


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Full unit name: Falumpaset (Creature) Last updated: 23.08.2022 19:23:48