GAR Clone SCUBA Trooper (2)
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First appearance: Clone Wars, Season 1 (2003)


Clone SCUBA troopers, also known as clone subtroopers, were elite aquatic assault clone troopers grown on the planet Kamino for the Grand Army of the Republic. Trained in underwater tactics and outfitted with specialized clone trooper armor and blasters, clone SCUBA troopers were deployed on numerous aquatic battlefields throughout the Clone Wars, allowing the Galactic Republic to challenge marine foes on equal footing. Jedi Master and General Kit Fisto led units of clone SCUBA troopers on several occasions over the course of the Clone Wars, with the aquatic soldiers proving invaluable during two battles with the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the Outer Rim water-world, Mon Calamari.

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Kit Fisto (Unique)
Kit Fisto (Unique)
"Hound", Vigilant Tracker | LAAT/i Gunship (Unique)
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Fisto, Kit | Nautolan | Jedi Order | LAAT | Dac (Mon Calamari) | Battle of Mon Cala (CW)

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LAAT | Dac (Mon Calamari) | Battle of Mon Cala (CW) | Hound (CP)

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