Generous Donations (2)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Relations: Sullust


An Imperial Moff named Mino Ferrin was long known to utilize his finances to oppress those he governs. At some point of time during the Galactic Civil War the Rebellion has found a hidden facility on Sullust that maintained his secret accounts. They decided to infiltrate it and syphon the credits to fund Rebellion needs. All they needed was a high-profile slicer to create special software and the Rebels didn't have one among their own ranks. While some said that working with criminals is too risky, they finally decided to contact an independent shady slicer who agreed to create special computer program in exchange of his share of Moff's credits. A strike team arrived on Sullust, marched to the facility and uploaded the program while fighting a significant number of Imperials, guarding the facility. Rebels retreated according to the plan, but the mission was said to be only a partial success - the slicer dissappeared and the amount of funds he left for Rebellion was significantly lower than it was initially agreed.

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Campaign Guide (SWI01) Generous Donations : Sullust - Imperial - Wilderness
Imperial Assault Miniature Game : Manuals
Campaign Guide (SWI01)
Generous Donations : Sullust - Imperial - Wilderness
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