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First appearance: Knights of the Old Republic (Video Game)
Relations: Bounty Hunter
The GenoHaradan was a secret bounty hunter guild that manipulated galactic political events through assassination.
Secrecy was the GenoHaradan's prime concern; its power derived from shaping events through peripheral actions. As such, its bounty hunters, while perceiving themselves as more skilled than their contemporaries, strove to remain in obscurity and never attained the fame of hunters such as Calo Nord. A GenoHaradan agent's objective was not only to eliminate the target, but to eliminate the target in such a way that it would seem the agent had no involvement whatsoever in the death or disappearance. Since this left agents with no ability to produce proof of their success, other agents would be assigned to monitor them and report results to superiors.
To most, the guild was entirely unknown, and any who attempted to betray the group's existence would have generally been derided as a crackpot conspiracy theorist. The idea that the Republic had only survived so long because of a secret society keeping it alive sounded fantastical, and the GenoHaradan relied on this doubt to maintain its anonymity. Still, a handful of government leaders and perceptive Jedi did learn of the GenoHaradan, and this was how the guild found bounties - when it wasn't determining its own targets.
Whenever the GenoHaradan transformed into a faction with its own interests, the power of its Guildmaster increased; guild leadership was becoming much more than a simple go-between for elite bounty hunters and rich customers. The GenoHaradan governing system was therefore reformed: it became led by a cabal of four Overseers. Like anything else in the GenoHaradan, the Overseer system relied on secrecy. The four Overseers would consult with each other on all guild business, but they did so through agents and messengers so as to protect each Overseers' identity. In this way, the individual ambitions of all four Overseers would serve to balance each other out, theoretically resulting in the overall best interest of the GenoHaradan. The method for choosing and replacing an Overseer was a complicated process that required ensuring each candidate's anonymity; other than this, details of the process were unknown.


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