Ginivex-class Fanblade Starfighter (1)
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First appearance: Clone Wars, Season 1 (2003)
Relations: Huppla Pasa Tisc Shipwrights Collective
Events: Battle of Muunilinst, Duel on Yavin IV, Escape from Rattatak
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Battle of Muunilinst (1)
Duel on Yavin IV (1)
The Ginivex-class starfighters, more commonly known as the Fanblade starfighters, were six starfighters constructed by the Geonosian Huppla Pasa Tisc Shipwrights Collective for Separatist agent Asajj Ventress and her cohorts on Rattatak.
The Ginivex-class were shaped like fans, that could stretch out a solar sail, similar to the one on Count Dooku's Solar Sailer. They resembled aggressive Geonosian air patrol skimmers and as a result, the Ginivex-class starfighters were informally dubbed "Fanblades" for their most distinctive feature. The slim, elegant vessel had an iridescent fan-like wing extending from its dorsal and ventral surface. The wing could fold inward to hide flush with the ship's body.
The Fanblades were armed with four laser cannons, two primary and two secondary. The two secondary cannons could swivel to the correct position, regardless of whether the fan was open or closed. In combat mode, these laser cannons had an enlarged firing arc. When the boom arms were shut, these cannons still pointed forward due to a limited hinge joint that locked them into place.
Though this combat mode greatly increased the fighter's target silhouette, the exotic material of the fan served as a transmission plane for deflector shield energy. With shields fully energized, the Fanblade was a tough target to hit. However, the energy output made the fighter stand out like a beacon on sensors.
In a manner similar to the sail found on Dooku's solar sailer, the fan also served as an alternate form of propulsion, though the ship was equipped with standard sublight and hyperspace drives. When not in combat mode, the starfighter lost the benefit of enhanced shields, but was difficult to target due to its tiny silhouette. Also, ion bafflers incorporated into its sublight engines made it very stealthy. At the head of the ship was the bulbous cockpit, designed only for use by humanoid occupants.
When Fanblades would land, their sails would retract so that the ship could rest on the ventral laser cannons, as well its front landing gear.


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