Gizz's Swoop Gang (2)
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First appearance: Shadows of the Empire (Comic)
Parent: Jabba's Organization (Tatooine)
Events: Hunt for Skywalker (SOTE)


Gizz's Gang, commonly referred to as Jabba's swoop gang was a motley swoop gang of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and other scoundrels in the employ of the Hutt crime lord Jabba during the Galactic Civil War. By the year 3.5 ABY, the gang was led by Gizman. The Hutt was often annoyed by the gang riding their speeders inside the corridors of his palace. Spiker was Gizz's right hand man, and they were the only members of the gang to survive the encounter with Luke Skywalker.


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Tatooine | Jabba's Organization (Tatooine) | Gizzman | Moggonite | Sing, Aurra | [Swoop] | Gamorrean | B'omarr Order | Flare-S Swoop Bike

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Tatooine | Sing, Aurra | Flare-S Swoop Bike | Jabba's Organization (Tatooine) | Gizzman | Moggonite | Ronto (Creature)

Events (2)

Seeking Sharad Hett (32BBY) | Hunt for Skywalker (SOTE)

Events (3)

Seeking Sharad Hett (32BBY) | Hunt for Skywalker (SOTE) | Escape from Mos Eisley

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