Graz (1)
Basic info
First appearance: Edge of the Empire : Fly Casual
Species: Gank
Relations: Bounty Hunter
Graz the Hunter was a male Gank bounty hunter during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Graz was considered by many to be an ideal bounty hunter: professional, efficient, and extremely adept at violence. He worked with many law enforcement agencies in the Outer Rim, and developed a reputation for fulfilling bounties exactly to the lettered specifications with a mechanical precision. Unlike other Ganks, Graz was known to meticulously avoid collateral damage or harm civilians. He was also known for his skill with a rifle and pistol, and for flying a heavily customized Kihraxz assault fighter.


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Graz the Hunter | Kihraxz Fighter (Unique)
Kihraxz-class Assault Fighter

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