Green Jedi (5)Full unit name: Green Jedi
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First appearance: Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron
Relations: Jedi Order, Corellia
Events: Battle of Corellia
Corellian Jedi, or Green Jedi as they were known during the Cold War, were a reclusive sect of the Jedi Order serving the Corellian sector. Known for their distinctive customs and practices, the Corellian Jedi were highly independent and separate from the Order's central governing body, the Jedi High Council. Holding the well-being of Corellia over that of the Galactic Republic, the Corellian Jedi often butted heads with their traditional counterparts within the Order over how certain situations should be handled and where their duty lay.
During the time of the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order recruited from the worlds of the Corellian sector, primarily humans from Corellia itself. While these Force-sensitives were held to the same standard as any other Jedi, a time arose where a minor schism caused a large group of Corellian-born Jedi to return to their homeworld to establish a highly-fortified enclave within Coronet City to serve as a base for their operations. Taking missions only within their home sector, the Corellian Jedi were noted for their patriotism and wearing green robes in honor of the old Corellian flag. Developing their own customs such as the passing on of Jedi Credits from master to apprentice and to friends when a Jedi was elevated in rank, the Jedi High Council was highly suspicious of the group's operations and saw them as even bordering on heretical.
Permitting marriages among their ranks, long legacies and bloodlines formed such as the Halcyon family which was noted for producing many powerful Jedi Masters. As their families were not strictly Forceful, the Corellian Jedi forged strong bonds with the Corellian Security Force and aided in the capture of local criminals and smugglers. Among the criminal underworld, the Corellian Jedi were known for a reputation of a cold, unerring sense of duty which did not often make them friendly or pleasant.


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Full unit name: Green Jedi Last updated: 21.09.2022 20:30:28