Hawk (CP) (1)
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First appearance: The Clone Wars (TV Series)
Species: Human (Clone)
Relations: GAR Clone Pilot
Events: Umbara Campaign (21BBY), Battle of Scipio


Phase I helmet
"Hawk" was the call sign of a clone trooper lieutenant and pilot who served in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. An expert pilot, Hawk was named for his highly precise hawk-like eyes. He saw action, particularly with the Grand Army of the Republic's 501st Legion, on many worlds during the war, including Christophsis. During a battle there in 22 BBY, he rescued a clone trooper strike team led by Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker after a thwarted Republic attempt to ambush Confederate battle droids. During a following operation to rescue Rotta the Huttlet, the son of crime lord Jabba the Hutt, Hawk ferried Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, along with Clone Captain CT-7567 and a squad from the 501st Legion's Torrent Company, to the surface of Teth aboard an LAAT/i gunship. After landing on Teth, Skywalker's forces began an assault to reach the B'omarr Monastery where Rotta was being held. Both campaigns resulted in victories for the Republic.
When the Republic launched an invasion in 21 BBY to retake Umbara from the Confederacy, Hawk was among the troops dispatched as part of the Grand Army's landing force. At the outset of the battle, Hawk served with the 501st Legion, transporting Skywalker, CT-7567, and their men to the planet's surface via gunship despite thick ground fire from the Umbaran militia. On a later assignment around 20 BBY, he covertly inserted Skywalker, CT-7567, Tano, and Kenobi onto Onderon aboard a Nu-class attack shuttle so that the four officers could train a group of rebel soldiers to retake their world from the Confederacy. Hawk flew a clone Z-95 starfighter during Skywalker's invasion of Scipio, helping to clear out the Separatist ground forces stationed outside the Main Vault of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Yet, a Vulture droid that Hawk shot down during the battle inadvertently led to the death of Rush Clovis, the leader of the Banking Clan, when the droid starfighter crashed into his office.


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"Hawk", Valkyrie 2929 | LAAT/i Gunship (Unique)
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LAAT | AT-RT | GAR Clone Trooper, Phase II Armor | 501st Legion | Umbara | Umbara Campaign (21BBY)

Valkyrie 2929 was a Nu-class attack shuttle and it was also piloted by clone trooper pilot Hawk

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