Hunger of the Vrblthers (16)Full unit name: Hunger of the Vrblthers (Nar Shaddaa)
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
Relations: Nar Shaddaa
Known Facts (1)
This event took place on Nar Shaddaa during Cold War. While Imperial operatives were on Nar Shaddaa, they answered the request from Hutt Cartel - the Hutts asked for combat-worthy individuals to eradicate a large pack of savage vrblthers who infested Network Access area. As the Cartel explained, the vrblthers were wrecking havoc at the power station putting at risk trillions of important data files. They also mentioned that several security teams have indicated the presense of unusually large vrblthers in the area, but contact with these teams was lost after that. Hutts required vrblthers to be eliminated and the power station repaired and operational again. The operatives recovered necessary spare parts - the power junctions, fasteners and housing - both from the supply crates and dead vrblthers and repair the power station, clearing up the area from vrblthers in the process. The presence of several malfunctioning station droids only made their task harder - the droids attacked operatives when they got nearby, forcing operatives to fight back. After critical power junctions have been repaired, to cease further infestation, the operatives closed the access breach and defeated hive guardian, especially poweful Elder vrblther.
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Full unit name: Hunger of the Vrblthers (Nar Shaddaa) Last updated: 30.07.2022 20:07:54