Hunt for the Pods (BoA, 22BBY) (3)
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First appearance: The Clone Wars (TV Series)
Count Dooku did not want to risk the chance that the survivors would inform the Republic of the Malevolence's ion cannons and dispatched several boarding craft with rocket battle droids aboard - nicknamed "pod hunters" - to destroy the escape pods. The battle droids split several of the pods open, leaving the clones inside vulnerable to the vacuum of space. The clones restored the power in Koon's pod, and were able to gain access to the communication channels. Receiving a signal from another escape pod, Pod 1977, the Jedi and the troopers soon witnessed its destruction at the hands of the hunters. By this time, the droids had destroyed all the pods except for the one containing Plo Koon and the clones. Noticing the remaining pod, the battle droids approached it and prepared to destroy it. As the Confederate craft neared the last surviving pod, Koon decided to personally confront the droids, as his species was able to withstand the pressure of space for a brief amount of time. Sinker and Boost used their armor suits to receive oxygen and accompanied the Jedi, leaving Wolffe inside the pod to keep the communication signal alive, as it was the only chance for their rescue. The craft latched onto the pod with its "pincers," and as the rocket droids approached and prepared to slice the pod's view hole open, Koon and the two clones attacked the droids. The droids retreated into the craft and activated the craft's squeeze mechanism, intending to crush the pod with the craft's pincers. Koon used the Force to push Sinker behind the craft where the droids were situated, and the clone eliminated most of the battle droids with his blaster. In the pod, Wolffe picked up Tano's signal. He was unable to return a message, however, as the crushing of the pod caused Wolffe to lose the signal. Koon, still outside the escape pod, severed the Confederate craft's legs, breaking its grip on the escape pod. Then, Koon Force-pushed the craft away and pulled Sinker back toward the pod. The craft hit a piece of debris from the destroyed Venator-class cruisers and exploded, and the loss of contact with the craft alerted the Malevolence to the possibility of remaining survivors.


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