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First appearance: The Clone Wars (TV Series)
Species: Human (Clone)
Relations: GAR Clone Commando, Clone Force 99


"Hunter" was the nickname of a clone commando sergeant who served as the commanding officer of Bad Batch in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. He was genetically altered to have heightened senses and commanded his comrades who had their own unique mutations, in what they called the "Bad Batch." Other members of the squad included Wrecker, Tech, and Crosshair. In 19 BBY, Hunter and Clone Force 99 were recalled from an insurrection on Yalbec Prime to the planet Anaxes by Commander Cody, who along with Captain Rex was planning an infiltration of a Separatist Cyber Center to discover why Republic forces were strategically outmaneuvered in the battle there. In the mission, Hunter demonstrated his squad's aggressive methods, leading full frontal charges and earning the respect of Captain Rex. After successfully infiltrating the Cyber Center, Rex and Tech discovered that their strategies had been compromised by Echo, a long-lost Advanced Recon Commando. Clone Force 99 joined Rex and Anakin Skywalker's mission to find Echo on Skako Minor. After rescuing Echo and facilitating the demise of Separatist Admiral Trench, Hunter extended an offer to the cybernetically-enhanced clone to join his crew, which Echo accepted. Most of the members' mutations and the ordeal Echo suffered prior to joining caused their inhibitor chips to fail, meaning Clone Force 99 was able to disobey Order 66. With the Proclamation of the New Order and the rise of the Galactic Empire from the shell of the Republic, Clone Force 99 - with the exception of Crosshair, whose chip had functioned properly - defected with a child named Omega, and Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin ordered that they be hunted down.

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Hunter (BB01)
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Hunter (BB01)
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