IA - A New Threat (2)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Species/Type: IA - The Campaign


After the battle of Yavin a small Imperial outpost nearby from the Rebel base was found because it was transmitting distress signal on Imperial frequency. After a mission to silence the signal Rebel forces discovered that the signal was a distraction orchestrated by general Weiss, a rising star in Imperial military. His efforts made him a person of interest for Rebel High Command and the team of operatives was sent to investigate the base which was presumable under his direct command. The Imperial presence in the sector was heavy, that is why another team was sent to create a diversion at the nearby minor compound, and the operatives was advised to be as quick as possible. The team arrived at the facility. The base itself looked strange, lacking the crisp organization that was always associated with Imperials. The team proceded to their destination while fighting sporadic Imperial resistance. As soon as they arrived at one of compound buildings, out of the foliage appeared a pipedal scout walker unlike any seen before - it was similar to AT-ST, but had much more weaponry.
"Rebel forces!" an amplified voice issued from the walker "This is General Vitsun Weiss of the Imperial Army. You are surrounded and severely outgunned. Surrender and I swear mercy shall be granted."
The Rebels decided against the offer and ran toward the entrance. They entered the facility and looked around. The ceiling has collapsed here, burying the vicinity in rubble. With substantial effort, operatives dug through it and found a terminal, which contained some useful data - it seemed the purpose of this outpost had been research and developmentm since much of the data was related to engineering, prototype assault craft and weapons. Many messages from and to general Weiss confirmed that he was heavily involved in all the projects. Battling their way through constantly increasing Imperial defenses while trying to avoid General Weiss's personal walker, team reached another building. There they found another terminal and have sliced through its security. Some time later they found that several shipments destined to the area - miscellaneous scrap, power supplies and a few weapons. Team decided that this section of the facility was used to build or modify a vehicle of some kind, maybe it was Weiss's personal walker or something entirely else. In the next section the found another terminal, this one also contained a lot of data on different engineering projects, but one specific project was obviously a key one, with tonns of information, most of it encrypted. Team decided that it is all they could get and still be able to escape the facility. They informed mission controller that they were on their way out. Team made hasty retreat out into the surrounding forrest and signaled for pickup. As they was flying away they saw a substantial number of Imperial troops was converging on the facility. The commander congratulated the operatives and informed them that the techs started to analyze the data and soon the should be able to provide more details on this new weapon project. The commander also informed the operatives that as soon as any leads will be uncovered by the analysts, they should be ready to follow.
Location: unknown.

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