IA - Captured (1)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Species/Type: IA - The Campaign


Rebel operatives who have been captured during both the escape from Star Destroyer and the battle near listening outpost on planet it was orbiting, have been transferred to Imperial prison facility and were being held there. They tried to break free for days, but all the attempts to escape from their cells have been unsuccessful. But one day the facility shuddered, then the comlink - one of the operatives was able to hide it from the Imperials - came back to life. "In ten seconds" a voice came through "the doors to your cells are going to open. Your equipment is being held just down the hall. Run there... now!" The doors opened and operatives run out of their cells. The found their gear where they have been told they would and started to ran through the facility. The Imperials started to come out of every room and blaster bolts were started to fly both ways. "I've got the ship parked near the garbage disposal" - the voice came from comlink - "but you've got to hack their system and open the passages. Hurry! I'm keeping them busy, but I don't know if I can for much longer." Soon the operatives opened the doors and dropped down into the trash compactor chute and through it down to the tunnels. While they were sliding through filth and much, they came across other Rebel prisoners recently freed. Working together, they overpowered Imperials in their way and reached the transport. The pilot wasted no time and got his transport airborne.
Not all the prisoners have been lucky to escape. Some of them have been captured again and later been transported to Kessel. Thankfully, after a couple of weeks of hard labor, Rebel High Command launched a full-scale rescure operation. Rogue Squadron performed magnificiently and the operatives, alongside some high ranking rebel officers were finally free.

Note: It looks like the mission that is mentioned here maybe the rescue on Kessel which was an operation that took place around 1 ABY (as is was depicted in Star Wars : Rogue Squadron video game)

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Campaign Guide (SWI01)
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